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Vacate Notice Form

Please review the vacate information. Residents may vacate without penalty by submitting an Intent to Vacate notice with 30-days notice. Resident will owe the entire month’s rent for the month in which they vacate the unit. Any housing policy (vacate w/o 30 days notice; prorated rent) will be considered, by submitting the Housing Exception Form, but not all requests will be granted.



  • Click on USPS to change your address electronically. MBTS is not responsible for mail delivered after you vacate.


  • Spectrum equipment, including -
    • Digital Adapter
    • power cord
    • coax
    • remote
  • Charges up to $100.00 will be added to your student account to cover replacement costs of missing TWC equipment


  • pull vehicles onto grass or sidewalks
  • leave any items in the apartment, deck/patio or storage unit, or MBTS property
  • place large bulk items or hazardous waste in the residential dumpsters
  • leave garbage on the ground by the dumpsters


  • Bathrooms – clean thoroughly including toilet, tub, sink
  • Floors – sweep and mop hard surface floors, remove stains from carpets and vacuum
  • Garbage – residential dumpsters only have capacity for normal day-to-day garbage, please put any move-out garbage in the dumpster behind the campus op’s building, haul away unwanted furniture or bulk items
  • Keys – return to housing; non-family residents return to RA during check-out process; $25.00 will be charged to your student account for each key not returned
  • Kitchen
    • Appliances – clean inside and out, move and clean under, behind and on top, leave fridge open and unplugged
    • Cabinets – remove all items and wipe down
    • Counters – wipe down
    • Sink – clean thoroughly
  • Lights – please make sure all fixtures have working light bulbs in place
  • Storage unit – remove all items and sweep out


I understand my housing deposit is only returned, to my student account, if there are funds remaining after -

  • outstanding balances are satisfied
  • charges for lost keys are removed
  • charges for cleaning (above normal wear & tear) are covered
  • charges for repairs (above normal wear & tear) are covered
  • my account may be billed for any TWC equipment fees or other fees over and above my deposit

Print this page as your vacate checklist.


Select a date from the calendar.

My initials and my typed name below confirm that I have read, understand, agree and will adhere to the aforementioned items in this vacate policy.

Select a date from the calendar.