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Missions Scholarship

This form has been moved.  To submit it, please go to: Missions Scholarship Application

IMB Personnel Scholarship. This scholarship is available to all appointed IMB personnel who are currently completing or who have completed field personnel orientation at the International Learning Center (ILC). This scholarship covers 50% of tuition charges for online and on-campus Master's classes taken toward completion of the designated degree. Eligible IMB Personnel include: Career and Apprentice Missionaries, Macedonia Project, Journeyman (while on field deployment) and International Service Corps.

Returning Journeyman/ISC Scholarship. Awarded to a Journeyman/ISC participant returning within one year of service. A full tuition scholarship for the first two semesters toward a master’s degree at Midwestern’s main campus (residential courses only). It is non-renewable and applicants may not transfer from another seminary.

A letter of certification from the sending organization is required.



By submitting this application, I certify that the information on this application is true, accurate, complete, and is voluntarily given. I also understand that my status may be subject to verification and I have requested a letter of certification by the sending organization to be sent to Financial Services.

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