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Student Spouse Scholarship

This form has been moved.  To submit it, please go to: Student Spouse Scholarship

Online classes DO NOT qualify for this scholarship

The spouse (henceforth referred to as the scholarship recipient) of a qualifying full-time, degree-seeking student (henceforth referred to as the primary student) will be awarded a tuition rate of ½ that of a standard, full time student. This discount will be applied to the tuition rate ONLY, both the primary student and the scholarship recipient will be charged the full amount of all applicable fees. Doctoral student/spouses do not qualify. Full-time is defined as: twelve or more credit hours for undergraduate students; nine or more credit hours for graduate students.

This form must be completed EACH semester.

SECTION 1: SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT INFORMATION – to be completed by the student who will be receiving the scholarship

Select a date from the calendar.